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THE MHS Class of 1962 WELCOMES you!
(If this is your first visit to this website, please click on "GETTING STARTED".)

 TT This website was created in March 2013 as a project initiated by the 50th Year Class Reunion committee.  Brad Suffes, a member of the class, designed the pages and maintained the site until his untimely death in December 2020.  We very much wish to keep the website a good place to share memories of Montclair High School and stay in contact with classmates. 

After creating your own profile, you will be able to view all classmate profiles along with other content on the site.  You'll have access to all the Member Function buttons on the left side navigation panel and you'll be able to upload current photos or photos from back in the ‘wonder years’ of 1959 – 1962. 

This site is designed to be a class reunion everyday.  Add it to your favorites and watch for changes and announcements.  Share your memories here and stay up to date with other members of the Class of 1962!

Please let us hear from you.  We will share updates, memories, witty remarks, well-earned wisdom, and observations of our current moment with the class. 

We have been around long enough to know that life is short and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who walk the way with us. So, let us hear from you 






23 August 2021


This is a note to update you about the plans for a 60th MHS reunion next year. There is indeed good news, but it is qualified.

Thanks to the efforts of Kathy (Goehring) Havens, Nancy (Chartrand) Birdsall, John Stevens, and Bill Adams, we have secured a contract with the DoubleTree hotel on Rte 46 for our planned class gathering on Thursday, May 19, 2022. Save the date.

This event will be lower key than the 50th reunion main event, as appropriate for teenagers in the last years of their eighth decade, but will include dinner and a pre-dinner reception. We anticipate that there will be a more informal get together on Wednesday, as well as a brunch on Friday. More details will be forthcoming as we get closer to the date. We estimate that the cost will be no more than $100 per attendee.

Many of you indicated in the past that you would want to attend. I would ask you and others, please, to drop me a note (Email below) as to whether you think you will attend and whether you will have a spouse or partner in tow, now that we have a definite date. We need to give the hotel some estimate of the number of attendees in advance of the event.

The only wrinkle we see at this point is how active the pandemic will be by next spring. When we negotiated with the hotel, it looked as though the pandemic was on the way out, but that seems not to be the case yet. We will have to see where we are with vaccines and variants closer to next May.

Enjoy these last dog days of August and the fall. Be well. Please keep in touch.

Joe Bessey

MHS 1962

More Sad News

We received word that Julie-Ann Courtney (Del-Santo) died on 9 June 2021.  There does not appear to have been any obituary that I can find.  She did not have a profile in the Class Website, but it lists her address as Cedar Grove. 

She appears to have a sister who has survived her.  Our sympathies to her and to any other members of Julie's family. 

Save the Date!!

Classmates from MHS 1962

There has been a reasonable amount of interest expressed concerning a 60th reunion for the MHS Class of 1962.  A group of us have been trying to work out some details.  At the moment, we are looking at having a class gathering in New Jersey, close to Montclair, on Thursday, May 19 2022.  We have investigated several options.  The one that seems most promising and affordable for most would be at the DoubleTree in on Rte 46.  This is the same place that hosted the 50th reunion dinner, but under new management. 

We envision the 60th reunion as a much simpler event (We are, after all, 10 years older).  So the only planned group event would be the dinner / reception on May 19.  We thought a Thursday would work for us as well as a week-end day.   It is cheaper than the week-end and does not compete with graduations or weddings.  Those of us who still work, should be able to plan a day off. 

For those who might be in the area, we anticipate having a cocktail reception on Wednesday evening, somewhere near Montclair.  Dinner would be on your own and could be in one of several restaurants in the area.  On Thursday, those who wanted to explore Montclair or revisit old neighborhoods and haunts could do so and get together with friends not seen for some time for lunch or Kibitzing.   That might be followed by a brunch on Friday morning at the DoubleTree. 

So save the dates: May 18-20, 2022.

And let us know if you are able to attend. 

Please keep in touch. 

Joe Bessey

I received this today. 



I was the personal assistant to one of your classmates - Charles R Snyder, III.  He hated computers, so he always used my email address for correspondence that wasn't work related.  I always passed along your class notices to Chuck.

He passed suddenly last June.  Below is a link to his obituary from the Hartford Courant.  
Chuck was a great guy, a wonderful boss, and he is missed but fondly remembered by family and friends.  
I'm sorry I didn't send notice sooner.
Colette Weber

More Sad news.

We were informed that Luucille Booker (Joseph) and Esther Jackson have died in the past several months.  What information we have is on the In Memory page.  I hope those of you who knew them better than I will send in a reminiscence to share with the class. 

11 April 2021


Happy Spring.  Hopefully we are heading out of the long COVID winter which has been with us for over a year.  I trust you are all vaccinated.  If not, please consider doing so.  COVID is a really nasty disease.

Unfortunately, I have learned some more sad news.  We lost another classmate, Margaret R. Perrin (Harris) in February.  She was a long time resident of Montclair.  Carolyn Tierney (Lane) sent in a link to an obituary:

If those of you who knew her would send in some reminiscences, I’ll pass them along to the class. 

A group of us have had discussions over Zoom about a class get-together for our 60th reunion sometime in the May-June time frame of 2022.  We remember that as an especially lovely time of year in Montclair.  More details will be forthcoming.  Many of you have expressed interest in a 60th gathering, but if you have not, please let me know if you think you might be able to attend.   

Also, if you would be interested in our occasional class Zoom meetings (early evening in the middle of the week), please let me know, and I can send you a link.  We will have another one toward the end of this month. 

Be well.

Joe Bessey


We have received notice that Lois Kummer died on New Year's Day. 

This was the notice in the Montclair Times:

Montclair - Lois Ann Kummer, 76, of Montclair, passed away on January 1, 2021.

Lois worked at Montclair Savings Bank for many years. She was very active at First Lutheran Church in Montclair, where she was the Financial Secretary and a councilmember.

She was predeceased by her parents Fred and Irene Kummer, and by her aunt and uncle, Neil and Marie Desposito.

I did not know her.  If any of you have memories of Lois, please share them.  You could send them to me and I will post to the class. 

Happy President’s Day!

Hope all of you have gotten at least one shot of the vaccine.  We are not getting any younger.   I can assure you that you do not want to get COVID, based on the experience in New York.  It is nasty.  

A few of us have had discussions about the future of our 1962 MHS Class.  There has been some interest in trying to arrange another Montclair get together in 2022 for our 60th year after graduation, but on a much simpler scale than the 50th reunion in 2012.  Perhaps a cocktail party one evening and a dinner on the next, with or without a visit to the school.  Please let us know if this might be of interest to you.  You can reply to this through the web site or directly to me at

Also if you have some ideas about how we could better use this website, please send them in.  The website is not designed to allow members of the class to send out messages directly on their own.  But the administrators can.  I’d invite you to send me or John Stevens (  a note about what interests you now at 76 or so.  How do you fill your days?  Any memories from MHS or people that have played an important role in your life?  We can gather responses and send them out to the class. 

Hope all of you are well and looking forward to warmer weather and a gradual easing of the constraints all of us have been enduring. 

Joe Bessey


It is with great sadness that I report that the dedicated and nameless site administrator for our class website, Brad Suffes, died last Friday (December 18) from advanced heart failure. 

Brad took this website on shortly after our 50th reunion.  Although the site is managed by a commercial purveyor, Brad, designed it and put it together and has worked to maintain it ever since.   As you know, he sought someone to take over the site a month or so ago.  I spoke with him out of curiosity, and it was clear to me that he would be a hard act for anyone to follow, in view of his commitment to the site and all the different things he had done that made it unique.  I had hoped he would stay involved. 

His widow, Elaine, will send information on funeral arrangements when they are more complete.  He was a marine and will be buried at the military cemetary at Cape Canaveral.  We have all lost a good and generous man, who also a classmate from long ago.  You can write to Elaine at 180 Twin Flower Place, St. Johns, FL  32259.

Joe Bessey 


Vincent Tango, a fellow classmate, passed away recently.  A copy of his obituary has been posted on the "In Memory" page along with images of a couple of his paintings.  Classmates can also leave personal comments on the "In Memory" page.


The results are in from the previous poll:

Of our skinny-dippers out there, 21 were ladies and 27 were gentlemen.  Guys win!

There is a new poll availble for voting.

The Reunion Committee will meet during the month of May to interview the applicants for the Class of 1962 Scholarship.  Watch here for the names of the winners to be announced.