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THE MHS Class of 1962 WELCOMES you!
(If this is your first visit to this website, please click on "GETTING STARTED".)

 TT This website was created in March 2013 as a project initiated by the 50th Year Class Reunion committee.  Brad Suffes, a member of the class, designed the pages and maintained the site until his untimely death in December 2020.  We very much wish to keep the website a good place to share memories of Montclair High School and stay in contact with classmates. 

After creating your own profile, you will be able to view all classmate profiles along with other content on the site.  You'll have access to all the Member Function buttons on the left side navigation panel and you'll be able to upload current photos or photos from back in the ‘wonder years’ of 1959 – 1962. 

This site is designed to be a class reunion everyday.  Add it to your favorites and watch for changes and announcements.  Share your memories here and stay up to date with other members of the Class of 1962!

Please let us hear from you.  We will share updates, memories, witty remarks, well-earned wisdom, and observations of our current moment with the class. 

We have been around long enough to know that life is short and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who walk the way with us. So, let us hear from you 






January 26, 2022

We sent out the first registration letter describing plans for our 60th MHS Class of 1962 Reunion today.  We need to get an accurate count of attendess and also know how many will want to stay at the Hotel.  That helps us coordinate planning with the Hotel.  We hope the spread of the virus will have slacked off some by then, so that we are all more comfortable to travel and to interact with others.  We are going to ask for proof of vaccination, since we are all,, especially the men, in a high risk cohort. 

Bill Adams is serving as Treasurer for the event.  If you plan or even hope to attend, please tell him the number of people who will be with you, and whether or not you will need a hotel room for accommodation.  Please send checks made out to MHS 62 Reunion to him also.  His contact info is: 

William B. Adams

81 Ministerial Dr

Concord, MA 01742

+1 978-369-2540

We hope to see you at the Reunion in May.  Though we are now old, we can still have a good time. 

28 November 2021

MHS 1962 60th Reunion Update

When we began talking about this last spring, we anticipated that the COVID would be well behind us, much like the 1918 flu.  Now we are less certain about that.  Having gotten through spikes of the Delta variant, a new variant, Omicron, just appeared over Thanksgiving.  What the significance of that or other variants will be on our reunion is still to be seen.  With that qualification, this is where we stand now.

We have an agreement for a Class Reception and Dinner on Thursday evening, May 19, 2022, at the DoubleTree Inn on Rte 46 in Fairfield.  That is the same venue we used for the 50th, now under Hilton.  The cost for that will be about $100 per person.  You will be able to choose an entrée.

There will be a block of rooms available for those needing accommodation.  With tax, the cost will be about $150 per night per room.

We anticipate a smaller get together on Wednesday evening at a local venue.  Each of us would be responsible for our own costs.  There will also likely be a buffet available Friday morning. During the day Thursday, we would be on our own to re-visit Montclair.

We, i.e. the Class, will need to begin to collect commitments and money for the event beginning in January.  It looks as though in the setting of pandemic public health restrictions, these fees should be fully refundable.  For those needing accommodation, those arrangements would be directly with the Hotel, and most of these should be refundable too. 

We have envisioned this get together as much more low-key than the 50th, in part to keep the costs down, and also to acknowledge that most of us now in our late 70s are no longer the same party animals we once were.  If you have suggestions or comments, please send them in to me. They should have broad appeal, and remember they would likely raise costs for all

By the terms of our contract with the Hotel, we should be able to get most of our payments back from the Hotel if we had to cancel due to a pandemic related reason.  So, at this point, you would bear little financial risk if we had to cancel.

Be well.  Be safe.  All the best wishes for a lovely Holiday season.  Please keep in touch.


Joe Bessey



Vincent Tango, a fellow classmate, passed away recently.  A copy of his obituary has been posted on the "In Memory" page along with images of a couple of his paintings.  Classmates can also leave personal comments on the "In Memory" page.


The results are in from the previous poll:

Of our skinny-dippers out there, 21 were ladies and 27 were gentlemen.  Guys win!

There is a new poll availble for voting.

The Reunion Committee will meet during the month of May to interview the applicants for the Class of 1962 Scholarship.  Watch here for the names of the winners to be announced.