Holly Kephart Smith

Profile Updated: July 6, 2022
Residing In: Ellicott City, MD USA
Spouse: Sadly my husband, Thomas Smith '60, died in May. Massive heart attack. He was a wonderful man and we grew up together really.
Occupation: Retired teacher and administrator
Children: Christopher and Joshua, born June 4, 1973

We just stole a week with sons and families in Outer More…Banks....glorious..even teenagers stayed nearby and the ten of us loved the week after quarantine. Our plan had been a London, Normandy, Paris trip for all of us this past July...
Any pets?

We were dog people for 40 years, but travel would not be fair at this point in our lives. Runt, Pepsi, Whiskers, Taffy, and Killian were longtime companions.

Now in the pandemic, we would love another dog! Travel is curtailed for all of us.

Any Vices??

Probably enjoy good food too much..Smitty and I both cook and during this pandemic time that hobby has been a lifesaver. I so hope all of our classmates are safe!

What did you do after High School Graduation?

Attended Beaver College and graduated from Roanoke College; two master's in education fields, and taught school in VA, NJ (Northeast Elementary for one year!), and PA before moving to Columbia, MD, and became a reading specialist and elementary administrator in Howard County, MD; post-retirement, I went back to being a reading specialist at The Sanibel School here in FL.
I am now fully retired.

What are you up to now?

Retired and living in Fort Myers, FL; golfing, reading, traveling and enjoying grands. We travel to Maryland to visit our children and Cooper, Abby, Sadie, and Trevor. It is an abiding joy that our children remain close to each other and are good husbands and fathers as well as brothers.

School Story:

I just have a sense that we lived in a special time and place. Surely we were well educated and sent out into the world with skills and talents inculcated in us by our strong families and community. How very fortunate we were and are.
Still believe Montclair is a special place! A winning lottery ticket would take us there for sure. Just before lockdown this year two of my sisters' friends visited Ft. Myers...Evelyn Zingali and Sue Commette, and Smitty and I see his friend Ronnie Mansfield who keeps us informed about Richard.
I just love the people.

What did you like most about the 50th Reunion?

I beamed for days afterward and am so appreciative of the committee's work and of the people who traveled to be there. Didn't we have a good time! And we had a visit from Jane Glaxon and Vinny Russo this winter!

Sharing a birthday with Billy Bruett and Jane Glaxon Russo (one year younger!) is a pleasure all these years later!
And Vinnie Tango's art lives on here as his niece sells his art work, so Bonds hangs on our wall. Take care everyone!

Posted: Aug 24, 2021 at 12:57 PM