Mary Gray Carpenter

Profile Updated: December 4, 2015
Residing In: SPARTA, NC USA
Spouse: Dudley Carpenter
Occupation: Retired Registered Nurse
Children: 5: son born 1967, daughter 1970 (deceased 1971), daughter 1971, daughter 1975, son 1990, plus stepdaughter. More…My first child came into our family by birth, the last 4 via adoptions.
Any pets?

not now, we travel too much to have a pet.

Any Vices??

You mean besides chocolate??!!! And lazily sleeping in on mornings when we have no appointments!

What was the last CD/Album you purchased?

Josh Groban

What did you do after High School Graduation?

Graduated from Syracuse University College of Nursing 1966, then married and worked as a Registered Nurse at various hospitals. We lived in NJ, VT, Alaska, Virginia, Indiana. I got my MEd from Antioch College in 1979--grad school would have been SO much easier pre-children! We worked hard, birthed and adopted our children, enjoyed life. When I was widowed, I faced my most difficult jobs---being a single mom while simultaneously being the Director of Nursing at a large aging-in-place retirement community and caring for my elderly mother with Alzheimer's. In 2008 I was in a serious car accident which required almost a year's rehab, and entered into involuntary retirement because of the resulting orthopedic limitations. I then did volunteer work with community children's organizations.

What are you up to now?

Through the wonder of Facebook, I re-met my high school sweetheart (dated exclusively Sr year and summer) Dudley Carpenter (MHS '63), who was also widowed. After 6 months of long-distance communication, I moved to NC where he lives, and on New Year's Eve 2013, we married! We are enjoying making the most of our time together, remodeling our mountain cabin in northwestern NC, going to live theatre, symphonies, community events, entertaining, traveling--particularly long U.S. road trips. Had total knee replacements in Jan. and July 2014, which means I will soon be able to walk, bike and hike without pain! After focusing my career and personal life on others, I'm learning now to take some time out for me, and having a blast! Love is even better the second time around! Life has been difficult, wonderful, surprising, and I'm grateful!

School Story:

Who else remembers Art-English? It was a course ahead of it's time, and is one of my best HS memories! I also had a great time doing ECMUNC (Model UN), Tom Herbert was a terrific leader!

What did you like most about the 50th Reunion?

I was nervous, having never been to a reunion before. I ridiculously thought I was the only one who would show up having gained wrinkles, grey hair, and a few extra pounds! I was pleasantly surprised to find so many old friends, some of whom I keep up with now. Friday evening's get-together was especially fun! Dudley and I looked in vain for a way to get up to Eagle Rock (obvious exciting romantic memories!) but couldn't find our way in the time!

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