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OK, who’s more daring, the ladies of the class of 1962 or the gentlemen? Let’s find out with the following question. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SKINNY-DIPPING?

  Female - YES
  Female - NO
  Male - YES
  Male - NO


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•   Phoebe Bennett  10/1
•   Marvin Adler  10/8
•   Mary Gray (Carpenter)  10/10
•   Karen Christaldi (Clendenin)  10/14
•   Pamela Bridges (Borman)  10/17
•   Philip Nelson  10/18
•   Richard van Antwerp  10/19
•   James Tauriello  10/21
•   Charles Lorber (Lorber)  10/22
•   Barbara Anderson (Grant)  10/25
•   Margaret Boone (Rosser)  10/28
•   Robert Hill  10/28


•   Missey Saunders (Marcia Draper)  9/12
•   Ted A. Baldanzi  8/4
•   Rosemarie D'Agostino (Bohr)  8/1
•   Margaret Gaun (Reynaud)  8/1
•   Judith Weeks (Wilkes)  5/21
•   Nancy Traber  3/11
•   Frances Garthwaite (Patton)  3/10
•   Sandra Eggleston  2/21
•   Holly Kephart (Smith)  2/20
•   Susan Meddaugh (Foster)  2/16
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(If this is your first visit to this website, please click on "GETTING STARTED".)

 TT This website was created in March of 2013 as a project initiated by the 50th Year Class Reunion committee.  We hope you will find this to be great place to share memories of Montclair High School and stay in contact with classmates.  After creating your own profile, you will be able to view all classmate profiles along with other content on the site.  You'll have access to all the Member Function buttons on the left side navigation panel and you'll be able to upload current photos or photos from back in the ‘wonder years’ of 1959 – 1962. 


This site is designed to be a class reunion everyday.  Add it to your favorites and watch for changes and announcements.  Share your memories here and stay up to date with other members of the Class of 1962!






Cynthia Zerbe, a fellow classmate, passed away last year.  Her obituary can be seen on the "In Memory" page and comments can also be posted there. 


Carol Wilkinson, a fellow classmate, passed away on October 25th.  Her obituary can be seen on the "In Memory" page and comments can also be posted there. 


It’s all over now.  The polls have closed on the Home Page and they show that you can’t always get what you want. The Beatles are the winners 27 - 8. Being a Stones fan, the Site Administrator is shattered.  He was sure the Stones would win and is having his 19th nervous breakdown.  Maybe take some of mother's little helpers to get an emotional rescue and a little satisfaction?  Remember, it's only rock and roll 

Be sure to vote in the new poll to find out who’s more daring in the class. 


Walter Riordan, a fellow classmate, passed away on August 30th.  His obituary can be seen on the "In Memory" page and comments can also be posted there.  Service information can be obtained from the Moriarty Funeral Home in Montclair.


The Class of 62 Scholarship Committee is collecting for this year's scholarship. Any donation (large or small) would be appreciated. Make check to "Class of 62 Reunion Committee" and send to Charlie Lorber at 155 Prospect Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Thank you for your contribution.

The Poll which normally appears on our Home Page is now closed and the results are in on when to hold the next Class Reunion.

26 people favored a 55 year reunion
13 people favored a 60 year reunion
1 person could not make up his/her mind and had no opinion

Reunion Committee take notice.
A new poll will be up shortly if the Site Administrator can think of something that needs polling.  Suggestions are welcome!!

In June, the Reunion Committee awarded the Class of 1962 Scholarship to two deserving Montclair High School students.

Click on the Class Scholarship link in the left navigation bar to read the whole story.

The Reunion Committee will meet during the month of May to interview the applicants for the Class of 1962 Scholarship.  Watch here for the names of the winners to be announced. 

The new Class of 1962 website is now open for business!!   If you have an announcement which you think the whole class should know about, send it to the Site Administrator to get it posted.